Sunday, January 13, 2013

Knitting and Other Things

Goodness gracious, I haven't been here forever. Life has been busy. I have made progress in the knitting department. That is, if you call starting way too many projects at the same time progress. I did manage to finish two more Christmas presents.

A pair of socks 

A neck warmer for a friend. This is her favorite color. After having dinner out one night, I dragged my husband to the craft store while I tried to find buttons for this project. These were HIS choice. Not bad, eh?

Some of my knitting friends and I have started this as a knit-along. It is quite a challenge. The yarn is lace weight and it's like knitting with thread! The progress has been slow.

How thin is this thread? It only takes two of these balls to make a whole sweater!

I started a Honey Cowl for my daughter. For the non-knitters, this is the hot pattern this season. It seems that everyone has knitted a Honey Cowl. It's the kind that you double up around the neck (Unless you're The Incredible Hulk).

It has a rolled edge, then this lovely pattern for another 11 inches, then another rolled edge. It's easy, but very interesting.

What's that? Some non-knitting news?...

Once again, we here in Maryland are experiencing a mild Winter. Things are beginning to pop up from the earth.

Inside, things are about to pop, too. This amaryllis is bout to burst. I'll post a bloom when it comes out.

Last night, my daughter went out with friends. While driving home through the neighborhood, she saw a deer
cross her path. She brought her car to a complete stop to let it run by. While at a stop, another bigger deer ran full force into her car!! 

The damage: broken headlight, messed up bumper, dent on side. But the good news is that she's ok. The deer fell down, got back up and ran off. 

It did leave a few hairs behind in various cracks.

Hope you all had great holidays, and that you are happy and healthy in 2013!


Nancy Kay said...

Congrats on all your knitting projects! They are all beautiful. That sweater make take a while to knit, but it will be so worth it. Gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.

I have an amaryllis blooming too. Aren't they a beautiful touch of color in the winter?

Sorry about the damage to the car, but glad all are OK.

Daisy said...

I love the socks and the scarf--so pretty! The sweater is pretty too, but I don't think I'd have the patience or the eyesight to work with yarn like that. So sorry about the deer and your daughter's car. Glad to hear she wasn't hurt when it happened.

Dee said...

Glad your daughter wasn't hurt. Apparently deer don't see so well. One of the baby deer got spooked when I was emptying the trash and ran smack into the neighbor's parked car.

The projects look great. I'll have to look into that honey cowl.

Melanie said...

Holy moly! That's a crazy bout of good luck/bad luck with the deer. Glad she is okay. :)

You might be a little crazy for doing a sweater with laceweight yarn. Can't wait to see how it progresses! It's a very pretty design.

I'd never even heard of the Honey Cowl before. Looks nice and warm!

Cassie said...

Glad your daughter didn't get hurt...Stupid deer. I used to love them, but after one totaled our car by running into it I've been considering taking up hunting as a sport!! Your "artwork" with knitting needles is fabulous. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...
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