Thursday, February 7, 2013

Knitting And Pictures

First up on the needles: A sock that I started in a doctor's waiting room. I tried to get as close to Ravens colors as I could. I have knitted five pairs of Ravens socks in the past for other people. I figured it was time for me to knit some for myself. This year was the first time that I actually sat down and watched some games. I am slowly becoming a fan. It helps to have your home town win the Superbowl.

This is the 3 Lace Cardigan. Better known as the Lace Sweater of Doom. I created a private group on Facebook for all my friends who are knitting this as a knit-along. It seems that all we do is complain and ask questions out of pure confusion. Maybe one of us will actually finish this without going mad!

This pattern takes such concentration!

The Honey Cowl for my daughter is almost finished. It looks brown in this picture, but is actually charcoal gray.

A knitter friend gave me this cute glass sheep for my birthday. Isn't he cute?
And speaking of my birthday, how about some pictures of how I spent it?

I didn't specify what year, did I?  I think this was my 4th or 5th birhday. That's me holding up the little cat favor. My Mom is getting something out of the corner cabinet.

For years, my Mother told one story about this party. See that little girl with the red Dixie cup in front of her? Her name is Pam. She came to this party on the eve of breaking out with a full-blown case of Chicken Pox. No one knew it until it was too late. All those cute little girls were soon to be polka-dotted.

Here's another birthday picture. From the looks of the candle count, I guess I was turning nine. I look like a boy with that hair. Don't be deceived. There were two long braids going down my back to my waist. Here's proof...

Have a good weekend, readers! I probably won't be posting until Sunday night. I have lots to do this weekend, but will come back with some pictures!


Dee said...

What a cute little sheep! Happy belated birthday.

If so many of you are having trouble with that lace pattern, I would say the fault probably lies with the writer of the pattern. Hope all works out in the end.

Nancy Kay said...

Yes, the knitting pattern looks like it takes concentration! You don't dare lose your spot. But it will be a beautiful garment!!

Cute birthday pictures!! And you play piano?? So do I.

Melanie said...

Chicken pox, OoooooOoo. Very rude gift to give for a birthday present. lol

You've made great progress on the cardigan, pattern problems aside!

Chris H said...

I love your birthday party photos, even if they are old-ish! lol